CLAUDIO CAZZANIGA – Friday, May 12, Orbetello hospital has gone off Anna Maria Ricci, for everyone just Anna, wife of Giorgio Pettini national responsible for the work in the water of the SAT (Society Amatori Terranova). If it is taken away to bad bad, fast … Very fast.
I was at the lake to do a workout, upon hearing the news I contacted George, I wanted to give him – or at least provarci- a word of comfort.
He Told me “He stopped suffering …” and the comfort I had. Anna did not deserve to suffer, just as well then.

Anna was an amazing person, helpful, good. He always operated in the shadows, but always played an important work. If we were talking about football I would say to you That she was a little ‘how Those players who, in a football of other times, wore the jersey number 4.
To cover Their backs to the number 10, the star, the good one . At 10 all the honors, at only 4 charges and a lot of running, substance.   But When the real number 4 missing in a game he could tell right away. Something was not right. People came to realize the Importance of the role.

I met Anna in 2003, my first experiences working with the SAT.
She was always in the office during the races. Secretariats put on there and then, of course. A camping table, plank … Booklets, registrations, payments … Always present.
But Anna ‘was a’ breeder. Along with Giorgio Newfoundland breed with the name “Bears Lagoon”. Ironically, a few days ago he passed away Also the last bitch bred by Combs, Fata. Twelve years, a giant and cagnolona good (even a hug to her friend Isabella), like all the Bears.
Anna has certainly Contributed to making this race, loved her, bred and spread with a great love.

The first time was for a home Combs SAT directors meeting.
Anna greeted me with a smile and a gentle repeated, then, for years and years.
In Their house they were surrounded by six or seven Newfoundland. The thing that impressed me a lot was clean and beautiful presence That These dogs had. At the time I was two Terranova, my periods alternating resembled more to Bergamo shepherd to a Newfoundland. Those of Anna were a wonder. All time.

I could tell 100 stories lived with Anna, I at least a couple of times a year, I Descended to work at sea and his home was my home. She gave me her room, her kitchen, always a smile, few words but never dull.
Anna was a force even with the children, His beloved granddaughter Melania, but Also for my Tommy doted.
Every time I said to Tommy, “Let’s go to work by Giorgio”, the answer was … “But we stop at the home of Anna ???”.

She was patient, she always found a solution. His dinners and lunches her beyond belief. Fish, pasta, meat, Anna was always on Christmas Day.

Once we went down for a race, I judged. On Saturday Tom felt unwell and I was very worried. “I’ll do,” he said. We returned several hours later, and Tom was clean, washed, sorted and serene That struck me very much. He beside him in bed and you That Told a story. On the bedside table water, tea, biscuits …

Another time, a few weeks before the victory in the Championnat de France, in 2015, I went for a last training at sea.
On Saturday just arrived Bati was hit by a pulmonary edema. Vet, plates etc. Etc.
We stopped the night and in the morning I went to the vet to pick up the results with Giorgio. We went back and found Anna and Bati lying in the grass. Anna with one hand rubbing an ear to Bati and with the other stroked the belly. Meanwhile speaking to her … I do not know what to say, I was away, but I was fascinated by His manner.

I saw Anna in a couple of months ago. She was tired, so tired. Its extreme kindness led in recent years to follow His sister – day and night – Also taken away by a bad bad. Even before he accompanied His Brother … Poor …
So much so tired he was. I Decided not to lean on Their home, was not the case.

Of course I passed to greet and once again, we were invited to a special dinner. I remember the laughs, the stories Told and the final embrace me and Tommy.
Unfortunately, the last.
I am not a believer. But I firmly believe That if there is a heaven, Anna has the assured place.

Good journey dear Anna … Wherever you are.

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