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Help, he growls at me! (when it’s not for show)

by VALERIA ROSSI - Trad. Mariafelicia Maione In another article we talked about puppies and young dogs biting while playing with humans. Today we approach a...

Help, he bites me!

by VALERIA ROSSI - Trad. Mariafelicia Maione Wait, we’re not talking about aggressive dogs biting their humans: but about dogs who play with their humans,...

Alpha, Beta, Omega… wait, what? Lupine (and canine) hierarchy for novices.

by VALERIA ROSSI - Trad. Mariafelicia Maione Premises – While writing my articles about conferences I made throughout Italy with Claudio Mangini and his tutor...

Dominant who? (i.e., alpha dogs and row dogs are not the same thing)

by VALERIA ROSSI - trad. Mariafelicia Maione Here we go again. I heard that, again! It was long since the last time, perhaps because even people...

Some breeds are “genetically” given to rows?

by Valeria Rossi - Trad. Mariafelicia Maione - Best thing about publishing ethological articles is that they arouse interesting and smart questions, worth of...

Which dog in which house (and in which life routine)?

By VALERIA ROSSI – trad. Mariafelicia Maione I’m always asked questions like these: “I’m just like any other human who must earn his bred: I...

10 questions about… raise or not to rise a litter?

by VALERIA ROSSI - trad. Mariafelicia Maione We have a female dog… it would be gorgeous to let her have puppies! Or maybe we have a...

Outdoors or indoors?

By GIANMARCO LOMBARDI - trad. Mariafelicia Maione Sometimes, people stopping to talk to us in the street, together with the usual questions – Does he...

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